Have you seen some of the headlines regarding education funding?  Recent studies show that Colorado trails the national average in per pupil funding by $2800 a student, our teachers’ wages are the least competitive in the nation, and more than half of our 178 school districts have schools that operate on 4 day weeks.  Although Amendment 73 failed, which would have increased taxes to supplement education funding statewide, GSV remains committed to sharing the facts about education funding in Colorado and providing opportunities to have our voices heard at the Legislature, particularly with next year’s Legislative Session beginning in January.

Do you have questions about school funding?

Where does the money for our public schools come from?
How does the Colorado State Budget impact school funding?
Who determines how much money our public schools receive?
What is a mill levy override? What is a bond?
Why has Colorado’s investment in public education changed over the years?
What are Gallagher, TABOR and Amendment 23 and how do they impact school funding?

Get answers to these questions, be part of the conversation, and learn how you make the difference.   We invite you to check out our short videos that address these questions.  Or, request a presentation by Grassroots St. Vrain, an independent, non-profit organization committed to sharing the facts so that you can make informed decisions that affect education in our community.

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