It is official – Initiative 25 will be on the Nov 1 ballot

The Secretary of State announced yesterday that the Bright Colorado Initiative has officially gathered enough signatures to qualify for the November 1st ballot.  It will appear on the ballot as Proposition 103.

Special thanks to over 100 volunteers from Grassroots St Vrain who helped to gather signatures for this initiative from May – July.  Your efforts made a difference.

Proposition 103 is a ballot measure to stop a 4th year of deep cuts to education funding statewide. The measure would temporarily return state sales and income tax back to the levels they were in 1999.  For sales tax this is a change from 2.9% to 3% and for corporate and personal income tax this is a change from 4.63% to 5%.  These rates would be in place for the next five years.  The revenue generated from Proposition 103 would go to fund public education in Colorado, Preschool through Higher Education.

The Bright Colorado website reports that Proposition 103 would cost the average Colorado taxpayer making $55,700 about $150 a year – less than $13 a month, or 40 cents a day.

Keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities from Grassroots St Vrain in the coming weeks.  If we all work together and do a little, we will have a huge impact in our community.

Thanks to all of our members for your continued support of the students in our school district and beyond.  Beacuse of you and others across the state, Colorado voters will have a choice this fall.

About Grassroots St. Vrain

GSV is an independent, non profit organization whose vision is a St. Vrain Valley community that is informed about education funding in Colorado and empowered to take action for the benefit of our schools.
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