What is Amendment 66?

In the five years since GSV was started, we have seen overwhelming local support for quality education.  And here is why – a good education drives individual, community and economic well-being.

The discussion more often is “how” – How does Colorado sustain a competitive education system? How do we support the best teachers?  How do we provide adequate programming and resources?  How do we maintain modern and technologically advanced classrooms?

Amendment 66 is a proposed statewide solution that could provide additional funding for smaller class sizes, early childhood education, preschool and full-day kindergarten, classroom technology, charter schools, gifted and talented students, at-risk students, English language learners and educator training.

To pay for strengthening our education system, Amendment 66 asks voters to approve an income tax increase to raise $950 million for education.  Colorado’s current income tax rate is 4.63%.  This measure would increase rates on taxable income under $75,000 to 5%.  Those with taxable income over $75,000 would have a graded tax rate of 5% on the first $75,000 and 5.9% on any taxable income over $75,000.

Households earning the annual median Colorado income of $57,000 will pay $133 more with the new income tax rates – roughly 36 cents a day.  Click here for your tax calculator.

The GSV Leadership Team supports Amendment 66 because we believe being at the bottom nationally in school funding is not okay.  The best way to ensure a strong future for Colorado is to invest in our students by giving them the skills and tools they need to compete for jobs, achieve their potential and build a better life.

Please consider joining us in support of Amendment 66 by:

  • Learning more about the Colorado Commits to Kids campaign,
  • Participating in the “Back Our Schools Day” canvassing event in Boulder – Saturday, October 12 @ 10:00am;  2034 Pearl St.
  • Posting a yard sign
  • Canvassing locally for Amendment 66 – Saturday, October 19th, 9 – 11am; Kick off at the SVVEA Office parking lot; 255 Weaver Park Rd., Longmont

About Grassroots St. Vrain

GSV is an independent, non profit organization whose vision is a St. Vrain Valley community that is informed about education funding in Colorado and empowered to take action for the benefit of our schools.
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