Leadership Retreat

Core ValuesThe Grassroots St. Vrain leadership team retreated to the mountains this fall for a focused two-day session to hone its strategy for work to come in 2016, as well as refine its statements of vision and mission.

The team started by taking a close look at the purposes and benefits of clear vision and mission statements. They agreed that the GSV vision should define the optimal desired future state for the organization and point to where it is heading in the future. The mission would describe why the organization exists: what it does, who it does it for and how it does what it does.

With those objectives in mind, the team spent some time on individual reflection and then got to work sharing and brainstorming ideas. After filling page after page of flip charts, they arrived at their goal: clear vision and mission statements that provide a refined compass for the organization.

That direction served the leadership team well as they outlined the organization’s goals for the first half of 2016:

  • Develop education funding curriculum: GSV has found that the videos it has produced in the past were very effective means of educating its community. So, the team committed to building a “curriculum” of material to further its community’s knowledge of education funding in Colorado and will work to produce new videos on those topics.
  • Maintain connections: GSV leaders committed to continuing the organizations’s practice of meeting with legislators who represent the SVVSD area, school parent groups, state capitol resources and district leadership.
  • Build the network and develop new board members: To grow the organization, the team agreed that it would work to establish relationships with district principals and train new GSV board members so that they develop the knowledge and skills to carry the organization forward.

All in all, the retreat was a great success, providing renewed focus and energy to the team as they look forward to an exciting year of work in 2016.


Our vision is a St. Vrain Valley community that is informed about education funding in Colorado and empowered to take action for the benefit of our schools.


•To communicate current facts about education funding in Colorado
•To promote informed decision-making on both state and local school finance issues
•To provide opportunities for participation in education funding decisions that impact the school communities of the St. Vrain Valley

Core Values:

Integrity: With honesty and integrity, we will respectfully engage with our community to consistently provide accurate information regarding SVVSD and Colorado education funding.

Leadership: As learners, we will lead by example, seeking out new information with courage and conviction.

Passion: We are committed to pursuing solutions to SVVSD and Colorado’s education funding challenges and will continue to encourage our peers to bring their passion for education to the discussion.

Humility: We will be accessible to our community and listen with open minds, adapting to new ideas, always keeping the greater good in focus.

About Grassroots St. Vrain

GSV is an independent, non profit organization whose vision is a St. Vrain Valley community that is informed about education funding in Colorado and empowered to take action for the benefit of our schools.
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