What time is it? Summertime!

Happy last day of school! It has been a busy spring and it is time for a quick update on potential education funding decisions coming in the fall so you are able to share your knowledge with your community and make informed decisions.

  • At the SVVSD local level, the Board of Education (BOE) is considering a bond ballot measure to address growth, maintenance, and safety needs. Our district is projecting growth of 800-1,000 new students per year for the next five to seven years. For the past three months, the community has been weighing in. More than half of the schools in the district have addressed the BOE directly. In addition, a Bond Task Force comprised of community members will make a recommendation to the BOE in June. If the BOE decides to move forward with the proposed bond at their August meeting, our community will vote on the November 2016 ballot.
  • At the state level, a citizens’ initiative called Colorado Priorities is underway. The measure would not raise tax rates and would not change or amend the constitution. It would allow the state to keep all revenues collected under the current tax rates and invest any additional revenue above the TABOR revenue cap into education, transportation, mental health services, and senior services for the next 10 years. This citizens’ initiative now needs 100,000 supporting signatures via petitions by the end of July in order to make it onto the November ballot.

Over the past several weeks GSV has spent time in various St. Vrain communities engaging in productive conversations about how schools are funded and how the potential local and state level initiatives might impact SVVSD students.

We are excited to continue these conversations so look for us at your school this fall.

Have a safe and restful summer!

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